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About Tanoshi computers

Where can I buy Tanoshi computers?

What is the difference between a Tanoshi computer and a Chromebook?

What apps will work on Tanoshi computers?

Will my child be able to use Minecraft, Roblox, ABC Mouse, etc?

Can my child use Tanoshi computers for schoolwork? Can they access Google Classroom?

I just purchased a Tanoshi computer. How hard is it to set up?

Will Tanoshi computers keep my child safe from questionable content online?

Will the free parental control app work on an Android phone or iPhone?

Is this a toy?

Is there a warranty?

Is this device drop-proof? Splash-proof?

Is there a protective case available?

Does the device work in Spanish or other languages?

Apps and Compatibility

What apps does a Tanoshi computer come with?

Can I use Google and browse the web?

Can I install ABC Mouse?

Can I install Minecraft? Roblox?

Does it have anti-virus protection installed?

Can Tanoshi computers use a printer?

Do Tanoshi computers require a WiFi connection?

Device Specs

What are the technical specifications for Tanoshi computers?

How do I charge the device?

Can I charge the device via USB-C?

Can I charge the device via the regular full-sized USB port?

Where can I learn more about the Android Operating System?

Parental Controls

What is Google Family Link?

Can I limit my child's screen time?

How can I adjust restrictions on my Tanoshi device?

Can my child install any app they want?

Can I change what Apps & games can be seen in the Play Store?

I have questions about Google Search

I have questions about web browsing and Chrome

How can I turn photo sharing on or off on my kid’s device?

How do I disable Google Assistant?

How do I add a second account to the device?

How do I connect my kid's school account for Google Classroom?

How do I find the Parent Access Code for my device?

Can I use the device without parental controls?

Accessories & Peripherals

Is there a protective case available for my tablet?

Can I use a USB flash drive with it?

Can I use a mouse with this computer?

Can I use a stylus with Tanoshi computers?

Can I connect a printer?

Can I use a SIM card for cellular access?

Setting up my device for the first time

Getting Started

I’ve just opened my Tanoshi device, how do I make sure to set it up properly?

Product Manuals

Issues During Setup

I’m having trouble connecting my Family Link account over WiFi.

I’m having trouble setting up my device out of the box, what should I do?

How do I turn on my device?

How do I power the device off?

I tried to turn the device off, but I still see a blue light on the keyboard. Is the device powered off?

Support & Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

How do I get to settings

I'm having trouble with a newly installed App or update

I'm having trouble with the WiFi connection

Parenting and Technology

How much screen time is too much? What about cyberbullying and privacy?

How can I find appropriate apps for my child?

How can I teach my child to code?

Problems with Apps

Is Adobe Flash supported on this device?

My favorite App isn’t working after setup, what can I do?

Why can't I install YouTube, Minecraft, or other apps?

Resetting your password or device

Forgot password - how do I reset the password on my child's device?

How do I perform a factory reset on my kid's device?

How do I back up the data on my device?

Returns & Replacements

My unit is damaged or not working properly - how do I return it?

Can I replace the keyboard?

Getting Help

How do I contact Tanoshi Support?

Help with Google or Third-party apps

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