Loma Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids with Safe Volume


Loma Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids with Safe Volume

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Educational, Age Appropriate, Safe, 1 Year Warranty, Top Rated Customer Service and Parent Approved

Whether your child needs wireless Bluetooth headphones for school 🏫, travel ✈️, or entertainment 🎥 - peace of mind never sounded better.

Loma Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are designed with the school-age kid in mind and made from premium materials. Their unprecedented comfort complement the Natural Sound Stage for a studio-grade listening experience.

Parents, you can now relax knowing that your child's headphones cannot exceed a safe 85dB(A) listening level with your Bluetooth source. 


✅ Bluetooth Wireless

✅ Safe Volume Limit - always enabled and maintains a safe level for listening

✅ Ambient Noise Control - 82% noise rejection

✅ Long Life - up to 30 hours of battery life

✅ Designed for Kids - for ages 3+; also used by teens and adults

✅  Durable and Comfortable - marshmallow-soft and dual-pivot for a perfect fit

✅ Buddy Share - two Loma users can share a single Bluetooth source (computer, tablet, or phone). Now two people can share music or movies.

✅ Exceptional Sound  - Signature Natural Sound Stage

What's in the Box:

✅ Headphones

✅ USB Charging Cable

✅ Audio Limiter Cable

✅ Buddy Share Cable

✅ Travel Case

✅ User Manual


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