MayDallas, Texas

“I love the ability to control how much time my son spends on his Tanoshi. Set daily limits, a bedtime, and it’s so easy to use.”

Corrine Portland, Oregon

“Zoey is having so much fun solving mysteries with Nancy Drew!”

BrianHillsboro, Oregon

“Ben and Gavin love their big tablets for playing games. Much larger than their previous Amazon tablets. And I like the ability to easily monitor from my phone what apps they are downloading.”

HollyPonte Vedra, Florida

“The tablet itself is fantastic! The size, screen, and keyboard are the perfect size for the kids (ages 10 and 6). I also love that the ports are clearly labeled, no one asking me where charger or headphones plug in.”

“The parent has control from their mobile device called Family link as far as how long their child is able to use it, and what apps they can and can’t have on their Tanoshi computer... Remember technology is the way of the future, and it is important that our children and grandchildren are not left out. I believe Tanoshi is going to be a leader in technology for kids”

Mom Blog Society

“School-aged kids will enjoy the Tanoshi. It is easy to use and can be used in two ways–tablet or laptop”

Android Community

“The beauty of it for me is the Tanoshi Android computer has your kids account and not yours. This means they can have everything independent from your account but you still have full control over what they can do and see.

Speaking of installing games, the Family Link app gives you some great control and doesn’t allow your kids to install anything without your permission. When the child finds something of interest on the Play Store, they have to request permission from the parent device to install.”


“with a physical keyboard that sports emoji shortcut buttons, a plastic-covered touchscreen display, and a bunch of pre-loaded apps focused on education and productivity, Tanoshi hopes to target both fun seekers and knowledge hunters while appeasing parents with its familiar Android operating system that’s turbocharged with easy-to-use supervision features.”


“you will be able to use Google Family Link, an app that not only will let parents keep an eye on what their offspring are doing on the Tanoshi, but even control access to the system itself by shutting it down remotely.”


“The slate comes with a full size detachable keyboard and it’s preloaded with educational apps, like those related to Math,research ad geography, as well as reading and writing. The full suite of Google productivity apps is here too, plus YouTube Kids”