Tanoshi Safe Volume Kids Headphones, Wired

$29.99 $9.99

Tanoshi Safe Volume Kids Headphones, Wired

4.9/5 Stars on Amazon!

$29.99 $9.99
Educational, Age Appropriate, Safe, 1 Year Warranty, Top Rated Customer Service and Parent Approved

For school 🏫, travel ✈️, or entertainment 🎥 - wherever your child might be, Tanoshi Safe Volume Kids Headphones allow your child to have fun learning from anywhere.

At the same time, with each headphone’s volume limited to 85 decibels, parents have peace of mind. You can now relax knowing that your child's headphones cannot exceed a safe 85dB(A) listening level.


🎧 Super comfy! A fit that feels custom-made for each child.

🗣Tanoshi’s signature sound makes it easy to understand what you’re listening to.

🧒🏽 A child will hear everything the way it was naturally intended making them ideal for proper phonics learning. 

🎤 Microphone for interactive learning with a button for answer/play/pause.

👂🏽Volume limited to 85dB = Kid Safe. Parent Approved.

📜 12-month warranty 


"These work great and have held up through my kids' tough and tough handling. Sound quality is great and fit well." ~scubascaff 
"Recieved a few days ago and my son said that the sound is much clearer than the ones he was using! They fit well and are easy to adjust. The braided cord is nice and feels more durable. Great find and a fantastic value - would definitely recommend!" ~H. Carstens
"My daughter is very picky but she loves the design, comfort and uses it everyday. Very reasonable price for its quality." ~Gentaro
"These are great if you want your child to have a nice pair of headphones to take to school - but not so nice you’ll worry about them getting ruined.
These are comfortable on both my 5 and 7 year old but I was also able to wear them comfortably. Sound quality is very nice and I really like the detail at the very top - a soft white leather feel.
Great set of headphones for kids or an adult looking for something basic but good quality." ~Aleesa

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