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About Us

Our mission is simple. Tanoshi was created to provide a brighter future for ALL kids. 

Every child should have the opportunity to develop 21st Century computer skills needed to excel in today’s school environment, such as typing, familiarity with common productivity apps (Google Docs, Sheets, etc.), and coding.  However, kids from lower income households and school districts, do not have the same opportunities as those from more affluent families and school districts. 

The Tanoshi 2-in-1 helps to bridge that digital divide gap by offering families with a fun, age appropriate, educational, and affordable device to learn computer skills and help kids complete their school assignments. 

Tanoshi was founded to help level the playing field and give every child a more equal opportunity for future success.

We especially hope to inspire more girls and others underrepresented in the tech space, to want to develop and utilize computer science skills.

For more info about the importance of computer science and the lack of access to computer science in schools, please see



  • Brad Johnston

    Co-Founder & CEO

    15+ years as a product manager. Developed and launched dozens of CE products into the US and WW markets.

  • Lisa Love

    Co-Founder & CMO

    20 years in CPG brand and retail marketing. Launched and grew Amazon marketplace for startups.

  • Josh Traub

    COO & General Counsel

    10+ years in startup, intellectual property, and corporate law focusing on emerging companies.

  • Greg Smith

    Director of Fun

    12+ years of product and UI testing resulting in the best experience for users.

  • David Wynn

    Product Manager

    15 years in digital marketing, product management, edtech, and ed publishing. Former elementary schoolteacher.

  • Nancy Bush


    30+ years in finance roles for hyper-growth companies including advisory and board work.

  • Purnam Sheth


    30 years in software development. Responsible for industry firsts at Cisco, Blackberry, and a host of startups.

  • Paul Friday


    20+ years omni-channel retail merchandising and distribution, including 10 years as CE category manager at

  • Elizabeth Xu


    20+ years experience in software development, product development, IT operations, corporate & board governance, and international business.

  • Marjorie Goux


    20+ years experience resolving the perceived dissonance between business goals and compliance using adaptable legal and governance strategies to support the rapid growth of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

  • Val Chapman


    10 years teaching in the public school system in both affluent and low-income districts. Passionate educator who hopes to instill a love of learning and a constant desire for knowledge within each student.

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